Monday, February 18, 2008


I'm contacting you regarding your posting on craigslist. A little about myself: I'm 26, been in Chicago for about 4 years, started skating when I was 8 (hell yeah fishtails), don't skate anymore-mainly due to breaking too many decks and not having insurance at one point, I'm a painter (sounds gay, I know, but peep the work, its not gay), Illustrator/graphic artist, I work on Photoshop and Illustrator a lot, I just got laid off on New Years's Eve from a job I was at for 3 years (was the Associate Creative Director when I got laid off), I'm collecting unemployment right now, I do a lot of t-shirt design for various companies (mainly Chicago based XXXX XXXXX right now), uhhhh, I'm not scared to lift shit or roll a spliff (i hand roll my cigarettes, so pretty damn good at it). That was a long fuggin sentence with way too many parentheses. Anyhow, I have a decent amount of time on my hands right now, and have always wanted to get in w a skate team---even if its a few hours a week as an intern. As far as coming up with product ideas and brewing coffee, we all good. I'm pretty good at answering phones and making appearances too. Word, well, peep the site links below. 
Thanks guys

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Anonymous said...

Thumbs up ! Good work Joey !

sum, dude said...

Joey Pan's has been laid off. But this guy is laid back. I like what he wrote about how he rolls cigarettes. I think he will be an invaluable member to what is soon to be a skate phenomenon. Did you guys see that heelflip? And these guys have been to Vancouver! But is Jeoy ready to start cars in the freezingest weather all year? Laid off; laid back; laid off. Joey

SNK said...

Thumbs up says Ghost of the Lurker