Sunday, March 15, 2009

Buenos Aires Vacation

the crib

views from the balcony

benevolent host

morning routine

hood rich

da boys


michael riker


skateboard ambassadors

shopping for a bootleg soccer jersey

fatty to flatty

chicks were storming down the street with whacking sticks and spraypainting anti-capitalist slogans on banks in downtown BA

'me gusta tu estilla'

'super bonita'

'tu es me novia'

homie liked our style so much he tried to follow us to Uruguay

Buenos Aires at nite

1st class bus to Montevideo, Uruguay

this is what it feels like to skate to the beach at 6am in Uruguay on no sleep

Poncitas Beach, Montevideo

locc 2 da brain

untouched marbles in Uruguay

wallride this.

the mimes were crushing it

$800 baller steak dinner at the mall in Uruguay=$1.83 American dollars

...and the Dopest Cabbie in the World Award goes to...

this guy! He posed for photos while mashing down the streets at mach 10 and dumped out his entire pack of cigs on the dashboard so i could have the box with a bootie on it as a souvenier

pop bottles

balcony talk back in BA

a battle of 2 great minds

saw a gnarly street fight go down here one nite


tonz o gunz

Mike impromtu swim sesh at green banks

Mike's recipe for success


MR Slice said...

I had to "try hard" with that impromptu swim session at green banks.

Anonymous said...

You guys had a blast, SNACK style.

Natasha said...

Yeah, can i come next time bonesaw???