Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Which one of these jerks is gonna have to pee first?

Ye olde Dice Tourney in the van

Fuckin decal took hours to peel off before returning the van

No Shirt, No Shoes, No Homo Award

Top-Notch Gooser Award

College Graduate Award

Smallest Bladder and MVP (Most Valuable Puker) Award

Kentucky Fried Award
Most Diligent Shopper Award
Who's Got Papers Award
Where Are My Tums Award

Luminescent Being Award

Would you?

Art Crimes Award
Dalai Lama of Skateboarding Award

Babysitter Award

These must not see too many city folk here. The cashier at this McDonalds said these cheesedicks were 'cute'

Collabo Me!

Contemplating how to blow it next

Peter reflecting on winning this year's Best Driver Award

'Do you think we need more beer?'

Idiots on a floor

Seattle was tight

Bay 'liberated' some watermelons from Safeway and shared with the team. Thanks Bay!


Dead Snake Photo; recognize the skills!

Bump to Bar Award

Rolled More Spliffs Than Mr. Seen Award

Thanks Daniel!

Thanks Steve!

Ye olde Bikini Bistro

Tru dat

Spider Man Swag

All photos courtesy of Joey Johnson

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AARON999 said...

Hyped on all that.